The Gift of Laughter

Laughter can actuate our total being and recharge the whole system. It stirs up the blood, clears away the cobwebs from the brain, and gives the whole system a cleansing. Laughing at our human faults takes away their sting, reducing them to minor annoyances, the kind that are easily forgotten when we have developed a healthier perspective.

One temptation that besets many of us is that we take ourselves so seriously that we begin to attach great weight to unimportant matters. Laughter is a wonderful tool for shaping us back down to size. It’s a gift of the human spirit, and sometimes it is the only weapon we have against official absurdity.

Instead of always taking the rational approach, with humor we can tap in to an inner well of spontaneous delight. We can choose to see that we live in a world a many illusions and that much of human belief and behavior is conditioned nonsense.

Laughter flips the world upside down and backward until everything becomes perfectly clear.


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