The Thin Line

When we’re going through a difficult experience, someone will often ask, “Are we having fun yet?”

The irony of this question reminds us of the thin line between tragedy and comedy. As pain and pleasure get intense, they become mysteriously similar. Isn’t it hard to tell when someone is crying tears of agony or tears of joy? Many times, even the one who is crying isn’t sure. Agony and ecstasy are forever intertwined.

From one viewpoint there may be suffering; from another there is simply a deeper understanding. Much of our growth in awareness is about expanding and maturing our perspectives.

We cannot always go by appearances, since things are often not as they seem. When we choose the lighter perspective, we see that we’re struggling for illusions which we can never get, on a planet that doesn’t support the lifestyle we try so hard to create.

Some examples are…
……We get bored with being children, are in a rush to grow up, and then long to be children again.
……We often lose our health to make money, and then lose our money to restore our health.
……We think so anxiously about the future we forget the present, such that we live neither for the present nor the future.

The bottom line is…we can be more fully aware of the thin line separating tragedy and comedy and live more fully as human beings, while at the same time, seeing the bigger picture. We can be free enough to enjoy our highs, endure our lows, cheer our victories, and struggle with our defeats, all with an underlying freedom and humor.


2 thoughts on “The Thin Line

  1. Tom, my favorite part of this interesting piece was your three examples of the inherent contradictions many people live. Those few words would be a great piece in themselves, and a wonderful service to readers, including me.

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