A Bigger World

I am inspired to look outside my small world and see a bigger one. If my life were like a crowded garage where I kept bumping into the furniture and judging myself, now it’s as if I’ve moved into an airplane hanger with the door left open. Much of the old “stuff” is still there yet it doesn’t limit me. It has been transformed by my acceptance.

May we all reach beyond the narrowness of our conditioning to a much bigger world: the great and real one of sorrow and joy, the world that leaves nothing out and knows that in actual life, the life of liberation, nothing ever can be left out.

The more we open, the more we can discover a freedom and a vastness beyond all changing conditions. In the vastness there is a seeing of oneself in a much greater context. We are at once as infinitesimal as a grain of sand on an endless beach and as boundless as the universe containing every sacred thing.


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