The Karmuppance of Karma

We cannot escape each other. When the government gets tough on crime, that hardness rebounds on all of us. And when we raise the level of anxiety and despair among the poor by forgetting that they are real people who need help, we raise our own level of anxiety, fear, and despair. If we treat some people critically and disdainfully, it becomes easier to treat others badly. Wagons begin to circle. Sides are chosen. Before long, what goes around, comes around.

We are interdependent; what we say and do about and to others, we say and do to ourselves. If we forget this, we lose sight of any chance to bring genuine meaning and joy into our living. It’s not getting tough or trying to shut ourselves away from the criminals, the poor, and the suffering that will bring us security. It’s opening our hearts and reaching out to them and helping them to build strong and meaningful lives. It’s sowing the seeds of joy and happiness. It’s dispelling hatred with love. If what goes around, comes around, doesn’t it make sense to offer a gentle, healing, and helping hand?

We’re connected to other humans, to animals, to the plants and trees and flowers, to the mountains and seas and deserts, even to the distant stars. And it’s all beautiful and sacred.


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