Lions Who Think They’re Sheep

There is a folk tale about a lion cub that was raised by a flock of sheep. Since the cub saw only sheep all around him, he assumed he also was a sheep, so he felt like a sheep, thought like a sheep, and lived like a sheep, even after he grew into a great lion. One day, another lion came upon the flock and saw the lion among them behaving like a sheep. He told the lion that he really wasn’t one of them and took him to the pond where he could see his own reflection, and the lion had the realization that instead of being one of the sheep, he was actually a majestic lion.

We, too, have been hypnotized for so long by the appearances of things. We create our own limitations because we believe in them and our beliefs create our reality for us. We experience ourselves to be as we believe ourselves to be, even though others might see us quite differently. We are as we see ourselves. Also, we see and experience others as we believe them to be. If we believe a person to be a certain way, then over and over we will see “proof” that he or she is that way, yet the proof that we think we see is only our own interpretation of things.

The secret of the ages is that our own beliefs and concepts determine our perception and experience of ourselves, others, and the world in general. The world is as we see it. Once we attain the understanding that our own universe is created from the inside out, and that we alone are responsible for our own perception and experience, our entire life is transformed forever. And we embrace the “majestic lions” we truly are.


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