A Free Spirit

The signs in the prison visitation room stated the many restrictions. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Dress a certain way. Act a certain way. However, in the midst of all of this, a free spirit was on the loose. A young boy, perhaps three of four years old, decided to have fun with the dominoes his dad was trying to put into a container. He picked up handfuls of them and gleefully began throwing them in the air. The more the adults tried to gather up the dominoes and get him to stop, the more fun he had.

As I watched this, I thought of some things I’d like to say to this little fellow…

Keep laughing and giggling when you’re surprised and delighted; it offers our ears the music of grace.

Remain excited at the discovery of dominoes, it tells us there is significance in small things when our eyes have gotten too focused on the big things
Play with other children on playgrounds; it shows us that all people of all backgrounds can meet each other with open arms.

Keep talking to the dogs and cats and pigeons and ducks; it reminds us that the spirit is present in all living things

You have the gift of innocence. You have the gift of dreams. When we see you laughing and playing, our spirits take wing. When we lift you and hold you, we are consecrating a world of hope.

You are hope when our hope has dimmed. You are joy when our hearts are heavy. In you we see the world as we dream it could be.

For you remind us what it means to be alive


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