Looking for the Rainbow

In facing life’s most difficult challenges, I have found that there is always a gift waiting once the ache and fear and grief have settled. As the cries are absorbed into silence, as the sun always rises just when the night seems like it will never end, there is something indestructible at the center of each of us, though it can be quite painful being transformed and rearranged.

My own struggle to open my heart has been a long one. Silence and solitude now are like a lamp to illuminate corners I’ve never seen. Stripped of material goods and plans, I have discovered that we cannot eliminate hunger, but we can feed each other. We cannot eliminate loneliness, but we can hold each other. We cannot eliminate pain, but we can live a life of compassion.

In the middle of the deepest, darkest night when we feel most humbled by life, the first shadow of our wings begins to appear. The depth of the darkness reveals the magic of who we are. The love that we are is waiting to be unleashed.

The most important thing to remember during times of great change is to fix our eyes anew on things that can’t change. The life that we want will emerge from a stillness that takes root in our soul. We find it when we settle deeply into the hidden, loving dimensions of every moment, allowing life to be what it wants to be and allowing ourselves to be who we were created to be.

Sometimes the fire we go through becomes our purifying agent. Sometimes difficult experiences have the effect of a storm. Afterwards, we see a beauty in the sky and a clearness in the air that were not there before. What was chaotic at the time, ultimately had a healing effect. And sometimes, when we’re really fortunate, we look up in the sky and see a rainbow. It could not have happened without the rain.


One thought on “Looking for the Rainbow

  1. Tom, this is a lovely piece and what it brought to mind is how often on Facebook, you share humor, for I think this is an extension of your thought process, a release of tension, contradiction and pain. You use humor combined with wisdom so often, that I now go to Facebook more often to see what you have posted.

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