The Chrysalis

The lyrics of a song called “Chrysalis” are:

“Change feels scary
Do butterflies worry?
Does a rose get scared when its petals begin to loosen and unfurl?
Does blossoming sometimes feel like falling apart?
Butterfly, you can try your bright wings.
Let the colors fly.
A chrysalis is a fine thing
Until it’s time to take to the sky.”

There is no denying that the cocoon is a safe place. It’s restful there. Nobody bothers you. You feel like you have it together.

Sooner or later, though, the effectiveness of what you have been doing so far fades. The way you have gone about things wears out. The creative energy wanes. The music in your head gets repetitive. You need something. Because of restlessness, some call it “divine discontent”, you have to start tearing up that safe cocoon and get what you’re hungry for.

Do you think there will be fear as an awareness develops of the hunger, the discontent, the longing? There will be. Do you think you might lose everything? You will. You will have to lose all that caterpillar-ness, all that cocoon-ness, in order to get wings, in order to take to the sky.


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