The Magic of the Natural World

Nature is a place where we often sense the sacred, touch the mystery, or connect with a reality more vast than the limits of the ordinary mind. For myself, walking in a forest where elegant trees stretch skyward, feels more sacred than any church, temple, or mosque, no matter how grand, ancient, or ornate.

Being outdoors awakens the simple joy of being alive. Who hasn’t heralded the blaze of crimson coating the skies at sunset, been moved by the surfacing of a whale, enjoyed the playfulness of dolphins, or been left breathless by the flight of an eagle floating on invisible thermals?

Even today when the environment is so besieged and species are under huge threats for their very survival, the rose is still seducing us with its perfume, sunflowers still rotate in honor of the life-giving sun, and there is still no shortage of songbirds who make our hearts sing.

It’s essential in these times of global awareness when it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of problems, to go out and smell the roses, watch flowers bloom before our very eyes, and come back joyfully to the miracle of this moment.


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