Brothers and Sisters

In his book,”Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home”, Richard Foster tells of an old sage who asked his disciples,

“How can we know when the darkness is leaving, and the dawn is coming?”

“When we can see a tree in the distance and know that it is an elm and not a juniper,” one student responded.

“When we can see an animal and know it is a fox and not a wolf,” replied another.

“No,” said the teacher. “We know the darkness is leaving and the dawn is coming when we can see another person and know that it is our brother or sister; otherwise, no matter what time it is, it’s still dark.”

Imagine what would happen in our lives if, in our meditations, we visualized the following

: ……We truly see that everyone is our brother or sister

. ……We see the divine in all beings no matter how cleverly disguised they are, what costumes they’re wearing, or what roles they’re playing

. ……We greet each one feeling, “How wonderful to see you!  Thank you for appearing in this form”.

Imagine embracing soul to soul…one Consciousness peering out of two sets of eyes…recognizing itself and bowing.


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