Since everything exists in relation to our perspective of it, it is important for us to understand its effect in our lives. If it is too narrow, so is our vision of reality, but when we expand our consciousness, we are able to loosen our attachment to any particular point of view and embrace more perspectives simultaneously.

From one perspective there may be suffering; from another there is just a deeper understanding. We have the power to determine our view of what is happening, and much of our awakening is simply the expansion and maturing of our perspective.

Often something perceived as a disaster may ultimately transform our entire life for the better. Things of a dramatically transforming nature may happen, but unless we are sufficiently aware and alert, we may not recognize their transforming power.

We rarely notice how each detail arises and how it is related to everything else. It seems like our lives are fragmented pieces of this and that. However, when we realize that things don’t happen by chance, accident, or mistake, we begin to tune in to the perfection and order of the universe. Things can “go wrong” according to our expectations or desires, but not in relation to the overall scheme of things.

The perspective of a “higher view” is not the view from the deepest ocean or the highest mountain, but rather from deep within each of us. From here, the ordinary becomes miraculous and miracles seem quite common and acceptable. Life in the fast lane is replaced by life in the VAST lane.


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