It’s Unfair That It’s Unfair

Fairness is a very painful issue for most of us because so much of how we see the world hinges on a sense of fairness and justice, those truly noble concepts that govern how we treat others.

However, the laws of experience in the natural world do not work this way. Storms and germs, for example, are molecules of experience that do not understand what is fair. They just bombard us in the endless cosmic dance of life that just keeps happening.

The larger Universe is one of endless possibilities and endless cycles, one in which life forms come and go, ones that have erupted and reformed countless times.

I know now that over the years, my own cries that life is unfair have come from the inescapable pain of living, and my crying “Unfair!” has always kept me stuck in what hurts. As long as I see what has come to pass as being unfair, I’ll be a prisoner of what might have been.

I find that in the larger picture, life is unending in its capacity to change us, that compassion is fair and feeling is just and we are responsible for how we receive what befalls us and for how we hold each other up along the way


One thought on “It’s Unfair That It’s Unfair

  1. Tom, Your piece is a well written and effective way to help us go beyond “fairness”and “unfairness” which only leaders to resentment and even bitterness when we think we are on the wrong side of that equation. If we are to feel good and to accomplish, we need to move from resentment to gratitude, and enjoy our time here as fully as possible.

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