The Only Game in Town

“Oh, no! Not this again!” We’ve all said words like these as the very things in life that we dislike the most keep happening. If something keeps recurring in our life, we have to ask, “What is it about me that allows this to bother me? And what allows it to happen over and over again?”

We need to resolve this or at least come into harmony with it. We’re bound to whatever we can’t accept, but once we accept it, we can be free from it. The best thing we can do with a problem, for example, is simply to allow space for it, to allow it to be. This doesn’t mean to condone or justify it, it simply means to come into harmony with it. From this point, it can more easily be changed or eliminated. By denying it, rejecting it, fighting it, or complaining about it, we often only perpetuate it.

Once something no longer bothers us, often it miraculously disappears. Once we stop taking it so seriously, it may not come around so persistently anymore. It stops reappearing because we’ve worked it out, we’ve resolved it and come into harmony with it. Once we do this, there’s no further purpose for it.

In order to grow and mature, we must work with whatever bothers us and reappears in situations, circumstances, other people – whatever it takes. This is the way the game is set up. Eventually, we’ll see that it was a great game, and it seemed realistic at the time, but it was only a game nevertheless. It’s Spirit’s game – the greatest game there is and the only game in town.

This game participation will ultimately bring us to the realization that we can find boundless joy in what we have, in where we are, and in who we are. We’ll see, at last, that there has been only one of us all along, and we’ll feel the divine in every cubic inch of space.


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