The “Superior” Ones

Once upon a time there were those who thought themselves to be superior. They were so convinced of this that they had an “S” stamped on their forehead. That way they could be easily recognized throughout the land as a superior race. The others would simply have to exist with a bare forehead and be known as the inferior ones.

After a while, an enterprising fellow developed a machine that, for a small fee, would quickly stamp an “S” on the forehead. Then, those without the “S” rushed in and came out with it brightly emblazoned on their forehead. Of course, the original “S” people still knew how superior they were. This didn’t fool them at all.

This same fellow decided that he could make even more money by providing a machine by which the “S” could be taken off the forehead. The original “S” people then went to the machine and had the “S” removed so that now the superior ones were without the “S”. The money rolled in as these two machines were kept busy day and night putting on and taking off the letter “S”.

Soon the original “S” people didn’t know who was who or what was what or who was actually a superior person and who was an inferior person. They just had to look at each other without labels or opinions.


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