Unfettered Gratitude

A grandmother was walking with her five-year-old grandson on the beach when suddenly a rogue wave comes up and grabs that child and carries him out to sea. She looks up to the sky and says, “Lord, this is unacceptable, unbearable. You cannot take an innocent child.” And just as those words come out of her mouth, another rogue wave comes and deposits the child back at her feet. She picks up the child in her arms, looks up to the sky and says, “This child had a hat!”

Ultimately, we learn to put life on a balance. We acknowledge that it’s a combination of advantages and disadvantages, peaceful moments and moments of agitation and anxiety. We learn that gratitude is a response to life itself and to ride the waves. This means knowing and admitting that we are imperfect, that others are imperfect, and go on our own imperfect way, making mistakes and riding out the rough and bewildering, exciting and beautiful storm of life.

In the midst of this imperfection we can ask to be given a grateful heart. Grateful for the gift of life. Grateful for the opportunities of this day to come closer to what is real and sustaining. Grateful that no matter how far we wander, or how many times we stumble, grace will find us and we will be blessed.


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