Staying Light

Sometimes we lose sight of the joy of our journey. When we’re “working hard” on ourselves, we push away our easy mind and lose our sense of the absurdity. When we lose the openness to the cosmic humor of it all, we lose perspective.

Staying light in the face of truths that appear to contradict each other, maintains respect for the natural unfolding of things, without trying to control the flow.

Sometimes all we can do is take one breath at a time and watch what comes next. Floating just beyond the boundaries of what we might at times imagine to be altogether sane, the perfect absurdity of it all signals that somehow we’re on the right track. Our status in the world then becomes somewhat like that of the Sufi teaching figure, Nasrudin, who goes to the bank to cash a check. The teller glances at the check and asks, “Can you identify yourself?” Nasrudin pulls a small mirror out of his coat pocket, holds it up, and, looking into it, says, “Yup, that’s me all right.”


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