Most Richly Blessed

I wonder what it would be like if we received the various things we think we want.

Material things would soon wear out, break down, and become obsolete. That perfect relationship could become a disappointment as the human flaws become more evident. Happiness could come and go as we experience the ups and downs of life.

In my case, I asked for a simple life and received a barren prison cell where I could experience extreme simplicity.

I asked for a degree of fame so I might be important and received a dose of shame so I might be humble.

I asked for the freedom to do as I please and received the restrictions of a prison cell where I could go within and find the true meaning of freedom.

I received almost nothing that I thought I wanted. Yet, what I did get is deep and simple. It won’t wear out, rust, go out of style, or fluctuate with the cycles of life. It is eternal. It is inner peace. Almost in spite of myself, I am most richly blessed.


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