Removing the Masks

In India, upon meeting a total stranger, one bows and says “Namaste” which means “I see the divine spark within you”. Each time we acknowledge the light in another, we affirm that reality within our self. We often lose sight of this and wear masks to protect the places where the heart is bruised. Somewhere, sometime, we felt as though an open heart caused the pain or humiliation. Thus, we made a decision to put on our mask and armor our heart to protect ourselves from ever feeling that pain again.

In the future the real frontier will not be space, the ocean’s floor, telecommunications, genetic engineering, or a thousand other external pursuits. The real frontier will be in the area of human relations when we have removed our masks, and we see each other in our oneness. When this happens, we will live in a whole other level of consciousness than when we got lost in appearances and limiting beliefs. This single transformation of vision is the most profound happening that can take place in a human life.

Scientists are now discovering what ancient tribes have always known – that everything is connected in an infinite web and that in the making of one blade of grass or a tree or a human body, the whole universe takes part. A realization of this unity brings us respect, natural gratitude, and compassion for life in all its forms.

We must remove our masks and reveal ourselves at the deepest level in order to find out how lovable we really are. When we dig deeply enough into our real nature, we do not find darkness. We find endless light.


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