The Path of Mystery

Some call the vast unknown the mystery. Deep in the core of our being, we believe that beyond anything we can imagine or comprehend, lies an understanding that will be worth the journey. The will toward it, the longing for deeper knowing, redefines life.

There are times when we must stop and try to figure out how we could get so lost. We followed the signs, but the signposts were down. Desperate for a vision that would bring new meaning and purpose, we waited, though we didn’t know for what. Deep in the core of our being, though, we believed that beyond anything we could see, imagine, or comprehend, was an understanding that would be worth the journey. Somehow, we knew that the days that were difficult were gifts to be savored.

Finally, we awaken to a sense of how far we have come and how much we have changed. A renewed strength stirs in our limbs. We wish to delight in all that is, to embrace the world just the way it is. We arrive at the knowing that mystery does not require any action. It requires that we listen and become open. When we meet with the unknown in this way, we can be touched by a wisdom that can transform our lives.

The reality is that life is filled with contradictions, complexities, and difficulties that defy simple black/white answers. Instead of either/or, our journey is filled with both/and. Somewhere along the way the path begins to expand from the narrow confines of rigid dogma to the wider landscape of accepting life’s contradictions and mysteries.

We are born in mystery, we live in mystery, and we die in mystery. It is not a dead mystery that bogs us down, but rather one that invites. It glows, lures, and excites, impelling us to enter the darkness ever more deeply. There is no song more agreeable to the heart than the slow, even breath of the pilgrim learning to bless, and be blessed by the mystery.


2 thoughts on “The Path of Mystery

  1. Hi Tom, I enjoyed your piece and in part inspired by it, just posted “Casting Out Dogma” on my “Ramblings Of A Sane Man” site. I gave attribution to you.

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