An Agent for Peace

In this time of fear and war, the question we must all ask is, “How can I be an agent for peace?” First of all, this means being peace.. This is why it is so important for us to go within, quiet our minds, and expand our capacity to look, to see, to understand.

If we destroy our “enemies”, we destroy a part of ourselves. It may be a part we don’t want to acknowledge or deal with, but it is still a part of us. We cannot hurt others without hurting ourselves. The only reason for destroying our “enemies” is to support our self-deception that “we are not like them”. An eye-for-an-eye response brings only mass blindness.

The unawakened mind is at war with itself and the way things are. Compassion and a greatness of heart arise when we stop the war. The deepest desire we have for our human heart is to discover how to do this. We all share a longing to go beyond the confines of our fear and anger and to connect with something greater than “I”, “me”, and “mine”, greater than our small story and our small self. Our challenge is to discover peace and connectedness in ourselves and to stop the war in and around us.

Sharon Salzberg, a Buddhist teacher and writer, eloquently describes peace as “a deep harmony, a connection to the deepest places within us, deeper than the changing circumstances of our lives”.

Every time we set ourselves aside, even in small ways, every time we reach out and connect with the pain and struggles of others, every time we love something or someone unconditionally, we are agents for peace. We are peace.


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