The Long Journey

In many ways, the longest journey we will ever have to take is from the head to the heart. Our head (mental level) always wants to be right, always wants to justify, to judge someone or something. Out heart, however, has no need to be right or to justify. The heart simply wants to love and understand.

Recently, a television documentary told the story of a daughter who was able to answer a letter from one of the men who murdered her father and later to meet with him. This compassionate act raises the question, “How do we reconcile our grief with the offender’s inherent worth and dignity?” By quieting our minds and going deep within our heart, we are able to allow both truths to coexist in the spaciousness of a bigger mind and heart. Our grief becomes just grief. The stretched heart hurts but can hold it all. We learn to see the uniqueness of every person and situation and the interconnectedness that binds each of us to everything.

The more we classify people and warehouse them into groups the less we can see who they are and be of help. If we refuse to label others, to stereotype, categorize, and prejudge, we will see the oak tree in the acorn. We will understand the process of helping the oak to become a great oak.

Are we learning to forgive and live from the spirit of the heart instead of the spirit of judgment? When two hearts meet, healings can occur, the level of love and understanding grows and deepens, and our relationships are able to grow and expand in a most profound and intimate way. Let’s remember that intimacy is an invitation
to “into me see”.

This journey from head to heart is the one true path. Without heart, without increasing love and compassion for oneself and for others, all the rest is an empty form. Our inner core is love. Like the sun, it can be hidden by dark clouds of fear and negativity and limited beliefs. But it is never put out.


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