Flying Lessons

When a mother eagle is about to let go of her eaglets, she does a couple of things to get them out of the nest. She starts bringing them less food every day. She also begins to remove their nest, branch by branch. She dismantles the resting place.

From one point of view that can seem cruel. What a terrible thing to do! But when we look at it from a larger perspective, from a bigger viewpoint, we see that she’s giving her young the freedom to exercise their wings and fly.

When we graduate from a certain level of being here, life does the same thing to us. It withdraws old sources of nourishment and reminds us it’s time to go to another level of awareness. By removing our old sources of nourishment, we discover greater reserves of strength and power within us.

No bird can fly without opening its wings, and none of us can love without opening our hearts. Anytime we hesitate revealing who we are, we can picture ourselves as a bird perched on a roof, wings tucked at our sides. To enter a relationship without opening our heart is to jump off that roof without spreading our wings. That we must move through the fear of flying before being upheld is what trusting is all about.

When we bring up what is inside, it is sacred and scary, and we’re often not sure if we want to touch it or not. By going inside, though, and being with whatever we find there, we discover that it makes all the difference. Our revelations become our wings. Then we can say, “This is who I am when no one is looking.” For each of us is a fledgling that eventually, if fed, will fly.


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