The Faces of Change

Change is both the bane and the blessing of our lives. It brings birth as readily as death. Everything in the world is constantly changing and in various stages of birth, regeneration, maturity, decay, and death. Apple blossoms, aspen leaves, cumulus clouds, and melting glaciers all whisper that every experience is fleeting, to be appreciated and enjoyed, but also to be let go of as it passes from the peak of its fullness.

Energy unfolds as incessant change. We are constantly becoming something else. We never return to a room exactly the same person who left, and it is not the same room. However, as we accept these changes and embrace them, life takes on a new meaning, a kind of perfect imperfection.

What is truly hopeful is that change does occur. It’s as though life delights in taking us by surprise, tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us now and again of how very little we really know of all that is possible.

When we truly see the truth of impermanence, our hearts and mind relax. We no longer hold on to things quite so desperately. As we loosen our grip on what is always changing, we necessarily let go of struggle and so we let go of suffering. We realize that life is already organized within itself. Life flows from life, the bud unfolds into a flower, the child ripens into an adult. We learn to trust each stage, celebrate it, and allow the next one to come effortlessly.

At this point there is vitality in us, a sparkle that cannot be extinguished by any tragedy. Something in us, an urge toward wholeness, a passion for evolving, makes us go on, start over, not give up, not give in.


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