The Slower Pace

In “The Missing Piece” by Shel Silverstein, a fable is told about a circle that is missing a triangular piece. Wherever the circle travels, it is looking for the missing piece, but because it is missing something, it travels very slowly. It admires the flowers and the butterflies. It sees the sun and basks in its light.

Then one day it finds the missing piece and manages to put it back. It starts its journey again. This time, though, the journey is fast. It can go much faster now that it is not missing the piece, but it realizes it doesn’t have time to be with the flowers and the butterflies. It doesn’t have time to stop and enjoy the sun.

So it stops and takes the piece out. Then it continues on its journey.

The message is…none of us is perfect. There is a wholeness about those who are able to live with their limitations and in those who can give of themselves and not feel diminished by it. Wholeness is about a person who can go through tragedy and survive. When we’ve overcome major obstacles in our lives, we can achieve a wholeness that others can only dream about.

The key to finding this and all its freshness is in slowing down. Unfortunately, many of us are so high-paced, running so fast to where we want to be, that we are forced to slow down through illness and breakage. If we feel stalled or exhausted from the trials of life, let’s simply slow our thoughts to the pace of cracks widening, slow our heart to the pace of the earth soaking up the rain, and wait for the freshness of the beginning to greet us.


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