The Land of Beginning Again

The exciting part of entering the land of beginning again is that it’s very cleansing and refreshing. It clears out the dead wood and lets the mind take in something new. We’re often unknowingly surrounded by a rigid crust of old attitudes and erroneous presumptions that hold us back, but being open to what is new allows us to begin again with fresh eyes.

We have a strong tendency to see or experience things through our past experiences, which we have rather rigidly settled into. They’re familiar and comfortable memories, which influence our present perception. To see the truth of anything now, we have to see it new, as we have never seen it before.

The truth is ever new! We like for things to make sense, but the ultimate truth is not limited in this way. The truth is not so small that it will readily make sense to the mind. The mind has convenient little compartments to which it is basically limited; when something comes along that doesn’t fit in one of these compartments, the mind automatically assumes it doesn’t make sense. Love doesn’t make sense to the mind; neither does joy.

In reality, everything is not conveniently organized in the way the mind would like. The mind thrives in a system of rigid definitions and structures that have nothing to do with the way things really are. Exploring these new insights and potentials is the exciting part of beginning again.

The scary part of entering this land is facing the uncertainties and challenges it presents. It beckons us to come out of our conditioned way of seeing things. It asks us to take a deep breath and jump off the cliff. We may hesitate until life’s circumstances finally give us a shove. But then something miraculous happens. We learn how to fly! We find that we always had wings!


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