Reducing the Distance

There is a danger in thinking that we could never be a killer, but there is an equal danger in thinking we could never be a saint. To understand that reality is one essence in many forms shatters both of these myths.

The truth about who we are is far grander than anything we could have imagined, and if we get hold of that truth, our lives become centered on aligning our form with that magnificent essence. The very meaning of our life changes from one of passive existence to one of actively seeking service.

When we see the distance between what we are (our form) and what we are intended to be (our essence), our lives become transformation-centered and we set out on a mission to reduce that distance. Every time we set ourselves aside, even in small ways, every time we reach out and connect with the pain and struggles of others, every time we love something or someone unconditionally, we wipe out a bit of that distance.


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