The Dream

It was such a disappointment to wake up and find myself lying on my bed in my apartment. If only I could go back to the dream. It was there that I discovered that there was no one but me in all the human bodies that I had always believed to be other people. No matter how I saw anyone, I was just seeing myself that way. No matter how I treated anyone, I was just treating myself that way.

What if the dream turned out to be true? It would mean that everyone would be another version of myself, another expression of how I could be, another expression of how I actually am. I would be connected to life in all its forms.

In looking further into the dream, I would come to the conclusion that the essence of this oneness is a consciousness
that shines forth from every pair of eyes, beats from every heart, speaks with every voice, and meets itself wherever it goes.

In a perfect dream, I envision a world in which we all deeply understand and functionally practice the truth of who we are. then…..

……..there would be no wars because we wouldn’t fight
……..there would be no hunger because we would feed each other.
……..there would be no environmental breakdown because we would love ourselves, each other, and our planet too
much to destroy it.
……..there would be no prejudice, oppression, or violence of any kind.
……..there would be no sorrow.
……..there would only be peace.


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