Letting It All Go

– An ant can struggle for yards with food in its mouth only to have a limb fall on it and crush it.

– Termites eat the foundation of our home.

– Though carefully wrapped, after a few days, food begins to spoil.

– The pink rose blooms brightly and fragrantly, then its petals begin to shrivel and fall.

– Exposed to air, iron rusts.

The storms of life, the germs of life, bombard us in the endless cosmic dance of life that just keeps happening, and we’re miserable when we hold on to “what was” instead of “what is”.

Instead of living in conflict and trying to deny the flow of change, we can understand it and live in harmony with the seasons of life. Instead of creating solid “things” and a solid, unchanging world to try to hold on to, we can let go and open to the truth of each changing moment. When we learn to let go, we find a tremendous faith in the ground of all things, that which is true before and after all our plans.

We can do this by narrowing our focus down to right here, right now, and tapping into that which is beyond all change and form. The deeper we bow to the awesome changing powers of life, the wiser we will be, and when we embrace them, they turn into a rainbow. Every color shines in the awakened heart.

Letting go is demanded in the greatest trials of our lives and in our final moments. It’s here that the heart learns the secret: that to let go is also to embrace what is real.


One thought on “Letting It All Go

  1. Tom, This is another compelling piece and it was a pleasure to read. Kathleen Jacoby and you write pieces that capture my imagination and help to inspire the writings I publish. Thank you.

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