Seeing Through Fresh Eyes

Life requires that we see with fresh vision lest it become a hopeless routine. The choice of looking at our world as if it were for the first time and live a life of awe and wonderment or living a hollow, unexamined life devoid of mystery, resides within each of our hearts. Perhaps the saddest failure for us as human beings is when we allow beauty to go unappreciated, when we pass by with our hearts and senses closed.

Consider the child and its seemingly inexhaustible capacity for wonder. Look how deeply involved it gets with the most commonplace objects – shoes, keys, furniture – anything within reach of its soft grasping hands needs to be touched (and, if possible, tasted). Perhaps the child is here for just this purpose: to show us again how to wonder…how to be awed by the familiar.

It’s easy to think, “Well, it’s just like the last time”, and then not have to be aware of the new moment. But if we do that, our lives become boring replications of what we have always done before, and we miss the possibilities of surprise, of new and more creative solutions.

When we look at life through fresh eyes, little ordinary things will take on a whole new meaning. We reclaim the richness of being alive.


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