Our Liberation

Many restrictions exist because we place our faith in that which changes, which comes and goes, which is temporary. Every wise voyager knows, though, that we cannot hold on to the last port of call, no matter how beautiful. To do so would be like holding our breath, creating a prison from our past.

Our free spirit beckons us to move beyond it all to that which is timeless. When the dramas of our life no longer bind us, we discover something within them. We discover that within the very limitations of form is the freedom and harmony we have sought for so long.

Our liberation comes not as a process of self-improvement, of perfecting the body or personality. Instead, it is born out of a capacity to work with any energy or difficulty that arises. It is the ability to enter into all realms of this world, beautiful and painful realms. Our awakening to this is possible in every activity.

Real liberation comes when we are quite present, yet not seeking anything, when we have come to rest in the moment. Then there appears a sense of wholeness and integrity, of strength and beauty. That which we were running around seeking is here at our door. Over and over again we learn this simplicity.

The wise heart is at peace with the way things are. No longer struggling against the world and our self-imposed prisons, we rest. The quality of understanding and caring are our gifts. In the freedom of this moment we become the love we have sought. And in this love we are returned to ourselves.


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