Embracing the Opposites

Embracing the Opposites

Our ordinary thinking is dominated by categories of victim and victimizer, right and wrong, good and evil. There are flowers and thorns; there are pebbles and gems; there is nectar and there is poison.
The sensations and emotions, too, seem to come in opposites like pleasure and pain, laughter and tears, hope and despair.
In nature it is the same: winter follows summer, night follows day, death inevitably follows life.
All of life is structured through the pairs of opposites. The existence of this world with its endless multiplicity, its ceaseless variety, its very wonder and beauty, is dependent on fundamental distinctions. However, we finally realize that there is just Truth that embraces it all and learning to enjoy the rhythms of this dance is to grow and transform.
Ultimately, we become more comfortable with the tapestry of opposites, more appreciative of life’s ambiguities, its many levels and inherent conflicts. We develop a sense of life’s irony, metaphor, and humor and a capacity to embrace the whole, with its beauty and outrageousness, in the graciousness of the heart.


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