What’s the Hurry?

When I’m not impatient, when I’m present and accepting of “what is”,  I can see the magnificence of the morning sunrise. I can feel the freshness of the morning air as I breathe it in. I’m reminded that the real blessings in our lives always  happen in one place – where we already are. It’s from that place within us, where we’re not in a hurry, that it becomes possible to see what is beautiful right in front of us.

So the opposite of impatience is not really patience but contentment and wonder. It’s the capacity to rest, to  release our muscles a little bit more, to trust the process of whatever is happening to be “just right”, to put our bags down and rest a while. Often it’s like we’re on a fast moving train, carrying our suitcases and ready to jump off as it slows to a stop. Ready for everything except what’s here….now.

In perfecting patience, it’s useful to reflect on what keeps us from this contentment. How many people would be grateful for the life that we have? Or what if we had a terminal illness?  It’s such a miracle to just be alive, to walk in the sun, to hug our loved ones

The quality of being present, of being patient, is our birthright. We’re blessed not from possessing or manipulating but from the acceptance of our place in the dance of life. It’s here that we come back to “where we are in this moment’. It’s in each of our life’s moments that we find joy, simplicity, and courage.


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