The Roller Coaster

Life’s journey sometimes seems like a ride on a roller coaster. In the inevitable rising and falling of the ride, the task is frequently one of letting go, of finding a gracious heart that honors the changes of life. This involves stepping out of the current of thoughts, letting go of “how it was and how it should be” or “how we should be”.  Honoring the truth of these ups and downs and of letting go allows our experience of darkness and falling to be part of the greater whole.

There are certain truths we can learn only by descent, truths that bring humility and wholeness in surrender. Even these down times are part of the dance of life, though, and we can invite them to awaken us and to teach us compassion.

How does life become a process of becoming more fearless and flexible? Rather than think we have made a mistake, we can acknowledge the present moment and its teaching. We can soften and connect with our heart and engender a basic attitude of compassion for ourselves.  Every moment is a moment of grace when we let go of the body of fear and just say to ourselves, “Ah, it’s OK”.

We cannot stay at the top of the incline, and we cannot anticipate the next curve, but we can find a balance in the ride. We find the balance when we discover the capacity of our heart to embrace all the ups and downs, to flow harmoniously with all things, to be amazed at the new day to come, the new moment, the mystery of just being alive.

If we meet the cycles of life with an embrace, wherever we are becomes holy ground, the seat of enlightenment.


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