Finding the Silence

Since our minds are often agitated, the silence isn’t always easy to find. Our minds are accustomed to constant activity. so we must develop a taste for silence, an appreciation for it. It’s here that we begin to understand that we’re a part of all that is. It’s here that the rhythm of life, the breathing in and out of the cosmos, resonates deeply within us. When we need to reconnect with ourselves and with our Source, it’s in the stillness that it happens.

The natural silence of nature always resonates in the quiet spaces within me. It constantly calls to me and creates a hunger that nothing else will satisfy. It’s the beauty of a star-filled night. It’s the hush of dawn, the quiet peace of a rainbow. I can read about it and write about it. I can honor it in many ways, but until I enter into it, I’ll never experience its healing presence, nor will I know the transforming difference it can make in my life.

This deep inner stillness has no expectations, nor does it make any demands, and finding it is a choice we must make of ourselves. There are so many things crying out for out attention. but at a certain point, we say to the noise that surrounds us, “I am ready. I will stop and be wholly attentive. I will empty myself and wait.” Then I’ll know that I have touched something deep, something even deeper than deep. All because I was still; truly still.


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