Seeing Without Eyes, Dancing Without Feet


Long ago, the poet Kabir wrote these words:

“Love has brought me to a land where I see without eyes and dance without feet.”

This is a profound quote to think about. It’s not just a flowing, poetic statement. What if Kabir meant it quite literally when he wrote …. “a land where I can see without eyes”? We know there is an inner vision that is more refined and subtle than physical vision. It is a vision that is not of this world. This SEEING has nothing to do with the physical plane or the physical eyes.

And what about a land where I “dance without feet”? When we experience certain states during meditation or chanting, or at any time in our lives when we tune in to inner states, we feel like we are dancing inside. It’s the dance of Spirit.

These are times that involve a suspension of ordinary perception and language, they’re moments when our egos are transcended and we experience a heightened awareness, a sense of unity, and we lose our usual sense of time and space. 

As we quiet our minds and go deeper within, we may develop the perspective of the witness. From this point of view, we realize that we have feelings, but we are not our feelings; we have a body, but we are not our body; we have thoughts, but we are not our thoughts; we have a mind, but we are not our mind. We realize that we have these things, but they are not what define us. They are not who we are.

With this awareness, our compassion expands naturally, and so does our realization that things are not as solid as we thought. This awareness creates a tremendous freedom in making different choices. We can choose to live with an open heart, a love that can include everything and everyone. In this timeless moment, wherever we go, we find only our own kin in a thousand different disguises.

Now, at last, we can experience the bliss and the ecstacy of seeing without eyes and dancing without feet.


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