Grateful Imperfections


    Nothing brings the worlds of spirit and earth together more quickly than being grateful. To be grateful means giving thanks for more than just the things we want, but also for the things that surmount our pride and stubbornness. Sometimes, the things we’ve wanted and worked for, if actually received, would have crushed us.

Sometimes just giving thanks for the mystery of it all brings everything and everyone closer, the way suction pulls streams of water together. Giving thanks openly, even if we’re not sure what for, will allow us to feel the abundance of all that is living brush up against our heart.

True gratitude is the response to life itself. It emerges in places and circumstances where we believe that we are unreachable and irredeemable. In the midst of imperfection, we can pray to be given a grateful heart. Grateful for the opportunities of this day to come closer to what is real and sustaining. Grateful that no matter how far we wander or how many times we stumble, grace will find us and we will be blessed.

Charles Tom Brown


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