Bending to the Uncertainties

Most of us go through life waiting for the next high – the next relationship, the next dessert, the next vacation,  the next pizza, the next movie, the next big game. We look for the next something to look forward to, something to get us through the day. We also often dwell in the past remembering what was and what could have been. In our minds our lives spill from the past into the future. When we conveniently skip over the present moment, we don’t experience its value, its relevance.

From today’s perspective, it seems like I have lived many lifetimes within this one. Looking back from this vantage point, it appears that I was stumbling blindly though life, hardly knowing what I was doing, lacking awarenesss of the true nature of others and the world around me. Yet, at the same time, I considered myself intelligent and perceptive. I even thought I knew what I was doing. How strange –  this dichotomy between how we see ourselves at the time and how we see ourselves in retrospect.

Everything comes and goes; everything changes and quickly vanishes. We’re not even the same persons we were five years ago, or two years ago. We’re not our circumstances; we’re not our immediate problems. In a sense it’s hard to keep up with what we are except to recognize what is eternal and changeless.

What a wondrous play of consciousness this life is! If we could truly grasp what is going on now, we would never be bored. There would be a sense of wonder. And as we bend and adapt to the uncertainties of each moment, it will allow us to relax and enjoy the ebb and flow of life.

Everything has been leading up to this. We exist as much in eternity right now as we ever will.


2 thoughts on “Bending to the Uncertainties

  1. Dear Tom, I enjoyed this piece very much and yet it is so insightful, that my reading it twice was not enough and I plan to read it at least another time and probably more to fully absorb it. I often write about living in the now as I did earlier today on and what you wrote will help me in gaining additional perspective on the subject. Thank you.

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