The Enchanted Seed

The Enchanted Seed


Williams Jennings Bryan, political leader and orator, once wrote these words:

“I have observed the power of the watermelon seed It has the power of
drawing from the ground and through itself 200,000 times its weight. When
you can tell me how it takes this material and out of it colors an outside
surface beyond the imitation of art, and then forms inside of it a white rind
and within that again a red heart, thickly inlaid with black seeds, each one of
which in turn is capable of drawing through itself 200,000 times its weight –

When you can explain to me the mystery of a watermelon you can ask me to
explain the mystery of God”

As we think of these words, we can see that we too are a part of the drama
that creates forms millions of times greater than the originating seed.
There is a perfection that exists in every seed for producing life, without
making a single mistake. The watermelon seed never makes the mistake of
producing a pumpkin or an apple. This force that no one can see, touch,
smell, hear or taste is perfect. It is the seed that is responsible for the
beginning of every single human being who has ever lived anywhere at any

Our gift is our awareness. We need not explain the mystery of this creative
force, since even one tiny seed containing an invisible future stymies all of
us. It is far more sensible to be aware of that which is impervious to
boundaries and beginnings as well as ends. We can choose to be aware of
this force, to feel it within ourselves, and to allow the great joy of feeling
connected to it all.

Let’s remind ourselves daily that everything is in order. It’s born of
mystery, but an order nevertheless. This is an intelligent system that you
and I are a part of, and trusting in that intelligence is far more fulfilling
than questioning it or even trying to figure it all out. Let’s let go of our
mental inclination to analyze and allow ourselves to enjoy the mystery that is
the source of life. Let’s remember that this very moment is a miracle, as is
everything around us.

Charles “Tom” Brown


One thought on “The Enchanted Seed

  1. Tom, I was introduced to your inspiring writings today by my friend and fellow writer Kathleen Jacoby, publisher of Seasons of the Soul, a site I regularly visit. I look forward to reading your compelling blog again.

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