The Inner Light

The Inner Light

Recent research has shown that if I were to stick my finger with a needle, there is a certain part of my brain that lights up. The pain would register in a certain part of the brain. But here is what is interesting; if I did that and somebody was watching, the same part of their brain would light up. Not only mine, but their brain would light up, too, in the same spot.

What some have concluded from this experiment is that on some level, the brain cannot make the distinction between ourselves and somebody else. That is the you in me and the me in you.

When we become one with what we see, this oneness is called Love, an urge to be touched by something timeless and fresh. It is when we are aware that we are at one with all of life that we are rewarded beyond attachment and ownership.

When our spirit is touched with this, we light up until all we know melts and changes shape. In such moments the singer becomes the song, the dancer melts into the dance, and the lover melts into the act of love, until in a burst of oneness, singer, dancer and lover are one.

Perhaps this is why, in the fullest moments of loving and being, we go nameless and timeless and breathless —everything about us is used up, like a candle, burned over and over, just to light entire rooms with our flicker.

Charles “Tom” Brown


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