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The Timelessness of Aging
Perhaps the most shocking of all of life’s wake-up calls is an early morning look in the mirror. We ask, “Where did those wrinkles and that silver hair come from?” What we often forget is that nothing is more gorgeous than a person’s unseen beauty, the kind that may take nearly a lifetime to cultivate.
Though the body may be getting a little loose on the bone, the heart can be like a mountain growing less distant each day. The energy of the body gradually withdraws into the heart. For this reason, spiritual work in the later years can often be the most productive of our life. The spirit is more accessible than perhaps at any other time.
As the years go by, our life’s lessons become more challenging and intense, but they serve to deepen our compassion and understanding. As a result, elders -can provide greater insight into and a clearer perspective on the human condition.
When we reach our golden years, most of us realize that those things which once seemed so important really aren’t at all. We attain a measure of wisdom. Of course, not everyone learns this valuable lesson, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. We have no choice but to relinquish our hold and release all that we have received – youth, health, wealth, loved ones. Whether we do it willingly or fight against the inevitable with all our might, the things of this world will fade away. We can choose, though, the manner in which we surrender by shifting our focus from the temporal to the eternal.
I am reminded of an incident that occurred in one of the last lectures of philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti. A few years ago when he was old and rather frail, he addressed a large assembly. He spoke with his accustomed softness and care for a few minutes before calling on a fellow who had raised his hand with a question. Krishnamurti answered slowly, then stopped and began again, then stopped again. He said his aging had caused him to not always be so sharp and would the fellow just come down and hold his hand.
What a precious moment that must have been! Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand. It was a teaching for us all that someday all that might be left of us is our love.
Charles “Tom” Brown


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